Coventry, it seems to us, is a city that’s always changing, never quite satisfied with what it is. 
Some changes, like the destruction of November 1940 were startling, a brutal shock.
Some changes are more gradual, ‘improvements’, modernising, adapting.

But with all change, things get lost.
Buildings, sculptures, streets, whole communities…..feelings.

What if we reimagined the parts of our city that got lost?

Using giant photographic sculptures showing what’s there now, we’ve done just that adding paintings, drawings and tiny glass objects – letting our imaginations run riot:  places, things, ghosts and maybe-things that take our city beyond City of Culture and into the future. 

Joining forces for the first time four Artists from Coventry, Photographer John Whitmore, Illustrator and Monster Maker Emma O’Brien, Artist Anita Sunger and Maker of Tiny Glass Stuff Amanda Glanville.

Large scale photographs of Coventry become sculptures you can walk around. Get up close to see if you can recognise the places and even closer to spot the non-photographic things that should (or shouldn’t!) be there, There are clues to what WAS there, and dreams of what could be.

An approachable, thought-provoking exhibition which will chime with Coventry Kids young and old, adopted Coventry Kids and visitors alike.

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