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Amanda Glanville

Maker of Tiny Glass Stuff

I’m on a mission to reclaim the art of making little glass animals and other objects and reinvent them for the 21st Century. I learnt to melt glass in the mid 1990s and quickly found my groove making affordable commissions, with an annual challenge of 24 new pieces for my Great Glass Advent Calendar. The most heard comment on my work is that it makes people smile. It’s definitely approachable, often funny and appeals to all ages. I’ve loved this new challenge working on collaborative pieces with 3 friends who all use different media. If we stop laughing long enough, we might have some good stuff to show you!

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John Whitmore

Analogue Photographer

I am a photographer specialising in analogue processes to capture a broad range of environment and personal stories.  Behind-the-scenes, documentary and travel are what I am drawn towards, with Coventry and its population providing the backdrop for the core of my inspiration. Using 35mm, medium format and large format cameras I am currently exploring self-publishing as a way to distance further from the digital presentation of images. 

Processing the film, manipulating with chemicals and light and finally hand printing in my darkroom (The Darkshed!) is where I bring my photographs to life.
A lot of my creative processes are solitary but collaborating with 3 inspirational artists and friends, using completely different mediums, is incredibly thought provoking, challenging and most importantly fun!

Emma O’Brien

Illustrator and Creator of Monsters

I love drawing pictures, often inspired by my obsession with swimming, drawing on maps and other surfaces, like photographs and making monsters. I specialised in textiles during my art and craft degree in ‘97-2000 and mainly produced large scale abstract stitched soft sculptures. 

It was during my Masters Degree in Visual Communication in ‘07-’08 that I started experimenting with colour and different shapes and my first monster was born. Over the past 13 years, they’ve come a long way becoming 2D as well as sculptural, evolving into special commissions and featuring in a lot of my illustration work.

Working collaboratively with three other artists and friends, who are all very like-minded, but work in very different ways has been refreshing and totally awesome.

Find out more about my work at and 

Anita Sunger


I have painted, drawn and made things for as long as I can remember. 

Following my Art & Design degree I lost my confidence so have been painting behind closed doors. With the encouragement of friends, I found my confidence again and started making my art public and exhibiting. My love of oil painting runs deep although I also paint using other mediums. I find the richness and depth of oil colours lovely to work with and recently I have been painting on gold leaf which I’m finding both messy and delightful. The process of working with its delicacy to maintain its wonderful reflective qualities is challenging!

Forever learning new skills, I embarked on a journey to learn Graphic Design last year with a view to incorporating it into my fine artwork. This collaboration with three other artist friends is extremely exciting for me as working on photographs is also a new medium, full of possibilities.

Find more about my work at 

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